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Information for International Faculty and Scholars

The School of Transborder Studies supports and engages actively with international scholars (students and faculty) interested in conducting research related activities under the guidelines of the ASU International Students and Scholars Center.  Applicants participating in this type of academic visit need to apply for a J-1 Visa.   We advise on applying for this type of visit at least 6 months prior to their scheduled visit.  

For information on how to obtain a J-1 Visa, please visit the International Faculty and Scholars office website:


Every year, we consider applicants interested in conducting research under the supervision of our faculty.  Based on their own area of specialization, each of our faculty will provide opportunities for visiting scholars to engage in activities which may include conducting research, classroom observation, field trips, presentations and or other academic related endeavors.

Our goal for participants is to provide them with the opportunity to advance and enhance their research activities as well as to experience the scholarly and intellectual richness of our School, University and Community.

Every research visitor will be required to submit a brief report to the School of Transborder Studies describing the outcome of their research.  This report, which may be limited to an analysis of preliminary results and how they relate to the major research questions, must be submitted no later than three months after the completion date of their research visit.

Our visiting scholar program has hosted visitors from several countries including, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Finland and Poland.  Their research interest has included climate change and socio-environmental vulnerability in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands; migration policies, perceptions and migrant identities in Germany; comparisons between the U.S-Mexico border and the Finnish-Russian border; public safety and local government in Northern Mexico; strategies, routines and new challenges in Nogales, Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez- among other research projects.

For contact information and guidance on the application process, please contact Irma Arboleda, School of Transborder Studies Assistant Director at (arboleda@asu.edu)