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PULSE Scholarship Program

The People-Power Underlying Life-Sustaining Education (PULSE) grew from the Civics Opportunity Model Project to Advance Community Transformation (COMPACT) developed by Cordelia Candelaria, ASU Regents Professor Emerita. PULSE offers approximately $800.00 scholarships to students and approximately $500.00 grants to part-time and full-time faculty interested in applying academic knowledge to address societal issues using practical problem-solving methods.

There will be several workshops throughout the academic year offering a structure for collaboration, problem solving, and creative tools to apply in a variety of ways including individually, via teamwork, and/or through community organizations (church, charities, jobs, etc.). These workshops will address pressing needs and expand successful models of human progress. Based on a range of resources and documented studies, PULSE workshops will focus on how to effectively integrate fact-based reasoning and civic responsibility. The schedule of the workshops will be available on our website: sts.asu.edu at a later date.