Transborder Studies, MAS

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The MAS program in transborder studies is designed for the postbaccalaureate professional who seeks training in an integrated program that also provides for differentiation via three thematic options.

The course of study is designed to provide a cohesive and holistic program of learning that focuses on the complex economic, political, ecological, social and cultural issues of a coevolving border region of the U.S. Southwest and Mexico. Students are required to engage in an intensive internship process in which they will apply their learning. The program also provides them an opportunity to explore one of the following three areas more deeply:

Transborder culture, language and learning --- This area focuses on the interrelated processes of cultural emergence, language development and learning as they interact with each other in conjunction with the development of mathematical and scientific reasoning skills, literacy skills and critical thinking in the transborder context.

Transborder media and expressive culture --- This area provides students with a transdisciplinary understanding of how representation, interpretation and language shape and are shaped by Chicana and Chicano, Mexican and Latina and Latino culture in a transborder context.

Transborder migration, health and applied social policy --- This area provides students with theoretical and applied frameworks for understanding border communities in the areas of migration, health, education, environment and other areas affecting social development.

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Transborder Studies, MAS
Liberal Arts & Sciences, The College of


Plan of Study

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