Transborder Studies, MAS

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The masters of advanced studies in transborder studies is designed for professionals who work closely with Mexican-origin and other Latinx populations in the U.S. The course of study provides a cohesive and holistic program of learning that focuses on the complex economic, political, ecological, social and cultural issues of a coevolving border region of the U.S. Southwest and Mexico.

The program enhances the knowledge and skills of such professionals and other interested students in order to enrich their experience as they work within their communities. The degree accomplishes this through a course of study that provides the highest level of training in the areas of health practices, cultural production, educational attainment, media representation, migration and immigration patterns, and community development. This program is the only one of its kind, and our faculty’s varied areas of expertise, make it the ideal place of study.

2 years to degree
11 faculty members
29 faculty affiliates

Degree Overview

The 30-hour program of study includes: 18 credit hours of coursework, 9 credit hours of internship experience, a 3 credit hour capstone, a written examination and an oral examination through portfolio and performance assessment. A foreign language examination is also required in Spanish.

Prospective students should have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a related area and a minimum of a 3.00 cumulative GPA in the last 60 hours of a student’s first bachelor’s degree. GRE is required.

How to apply

Prospective students must submit the admission application form along with the fee, official transcripts, GRE scores, three reference letters (from academicians), statement of purpose, and resume/CV. Students must also complete supplemental short answer questions through the online application.

The application process is completed through the ASU Graduate College online portal:



Training in this program allows for working professionals to gain additional expertise in their field. Students will develop a deep understanding of border studies, within the context of the U.S.-Mexico border, while focusing on the Chicanx/Latinx population specifically. The internship experience and capstone course will further develop the student’s particular interest areas.


Requirements and electives


Core Courses








Total hours required:


Courses and electives

This master’s program provides students a choice to explore one of the following three areas more deeply: 1) Transborder Migration, Health, and Applied Social Policy, 2) Transborder Media and Expressive Culture, or 3) Transborder Culture, Language, and Learning

  • TSS 502 Foundations of Transborder Studies
  • TSS 503 Epistemologies and Transborder Thought
  • TSS 504 Tools for Transborder Research
  • TSS 505 Theories and Methods of Migration, Health & Applied Social Policy in a Transborder Context, OR TSS 506 Theory and Methods of Transborder Media and Expressive Culture, OR TSS 507 Theory and Methods of Transborder Cultural Acquisition, Language Development, and Learning
  • TSS 691 Seminar OR TSS elective (6 hours)
  • TSS 601 Internship in Transborder Studies
  • TSS 608 Transmitting Transborder Studies to Publics and Institutions

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