Association for Borderlands Studies 2nd World Conference

ABS 2nd World Conference | Vienna, Austria & Budapest, Hungary

The School of Transborder Studies is proud to house the Association for Borderlands Studies (ABS), a leading international organization dedicated to the study of borders and border-related issues. The ABS organizes a World Conference once every four years in different border regions of the world, in collaboration with a host country institution. In 2018, this major international event was held in Vienna and Budapest under the leadership of the University of Vienna, and drew some 500 border scholars and policymakers from around the world to discuss the latest border research and debate pressing global and regional issues affecting borders and transborder communities.

Our faculty played a major role in the general coordination of the event and in convening several academic sessions. During the conference, the School of Transborder Studies was represented by Dr. Lisa Magaña, Associate Director & Professor, and Dr. Francisco Lara, Associate Professor and ABS President.

The 2nd ABS World Conference was organized by the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies at the University of Vienna and hosted in Vienna and Budapest on July 10-14, 2018. The organizing theme for this Conference was Border-Making and Its Consequences – Interpreting Evidence From the “Post-Colonial” and “Post-Imperial” 20th Century.