VI International Congress of Global Migrations/ VI Congreso Internacional de Migraciones Globales

VI International Congress of Global Migrations

"The paradox of laws and policies on migration in an era of transnational communities"

November 8-10, 2018 | City and Port of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

Master Conferences • Panels • Work Tables • Book presentations

Organized by

The Autonomous University of Sinaloa

through its Academic Body Social Networks and Construction of Public Space of the Faculty of International Studies and Public Policies

With networks:

IBAI - Migration and Development, Migrare, INTEGRA, and Social and Transborder Studies of Northern Mexico

In collaboration with:

• Autonomous University of Zacatecas • Arizona State University • University of California, Davis • University of Arizona • University of Sonora • Sonora College • CIESAS-Gulf • UNAM • UNAM-ENES-Morelia • University of Guadalajara • Private Technical University of Loja • The South Border College • La Salle University, Mexico • Autonomous University of Chihuahua • Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez • Autonomous University of Baja California • Autonomous University of the State of Mexico


Since 2007, the Faculty of International Studies and Public Policies of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa and various national and international academic institutions have promoted analysis, reflection and discussion on the results of research on global migration, from different perspectives of theoretical methodologies and their empirical results; This has been a constant throughout five editions of the International Congress of Global Migrations, where the most current topics on the study of migration have been addressed. The last edition of this congress, held in November 2017, was titled: "Building new narratives of international migration", researchers and institutions found a space to discuss, discuss and debate on the relevance of traditional narratives of migration before a new context of rising xenophobic and excluding expressions, particularly in places of transit and destination of transnational migration.

In a context where the State is more protectionist, new narratives emerge that explain new ways of observing and investigating migration issues such as official and social violence towards immigrants from many regions of the world, the new challenges of transnational communities, and the challenges that they suppose the laws and the policies that violate the human rights and provoke humanitarian crisis.

Based on the reflections generated as a result of the last meeting of Global Migrations, there are growing contradictions between local and national laws and policies on the issue of migration, with the current context of transnational communities. With this premise, in March of this year, the International Seminar on Global Migrations "Transnational Impacts of Laws and Policies on Migration" was held, where academic researchers from various institutions agreed to convene the 6th International Conference on Global Migrations: "The paradox of the laws and policies on migration in an area of ​​transnational communities "


To bring together academics and researchers, those who decide public policy and society in general, to reflect and discuss the increasingly evident contradictions that exist between the enactment of laws and the implementation of local and national policies on migration, before a context of humanitarian crisis in transnational communities.

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