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Community Engagement

The Arizona State University (ASU), School of Transborder Studies (STS) Program for Transborder Communities (PTC) works with community organizations in projects and initiatives that contribute to the improvement of transborder communities’ livelihoods and to expand and enhance social and economic opportunities for Latinos/as in Arizona through evidence based research and dialogue.

Latino Community Lab

The Latino Community Lab (LatLab) provides a platform for community driven projects with the participation of STS faculty and students in the role of applied researchers. Through partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organizations, LatLab conducts studies that contribute to development, implementation, and evaluation of projects and programs targeting Latinos/as and other transborder communities in Arizona.


Border Maps

The Simon Burrows Transborder Map Collection contains 125 maps depicting the historical transformation of the US-Mexico borderlands and North America. The collection is an important educational tool to promote the understanding of borders and their implications for the people and ecologies inhabiting the borderlands. Two major activities supported by the collection are a permanent exhibit located in the STS and guided and self-guided tours on the changing and current meaning of the US-Mexico border.

Transborder Links

Transborder Links is a mechanism intended to enhance cross-disciplinary North-South collaboration in theoretical and empirical studies of transborder governance and development issues with emphasis on the Arizona-Mexico border region. The main partners of Transborder Links are Mexican universities along the border and organizations with an active program of promoting regional and community development through collaboration and research-based information and analysis.