Latino Community Lab

The Latino Community Lab (LatLab) provides a platform for community driven projects with the participation of STS faculty and students in the role of applied researchers. Through partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organizations, LatLab conducts studies that contribute to development, implementation, and evaluation of projects and programs targeting Latinos/as and other transborder communities in Arizona.


Carl Hayden Neighborhood Project

This project is a result of collaboration between the STS and Chicanos por la Causa (CPLC) to support the development and wellbeing of children and families living in the Carl Hayden Neighborhood in South Phoenix.

STS faculty and students worked with CPLC to identify the needs of the Carl Hayden Community as perceived by its residents and leadership; explore a range of social, economic, and physical interventions with potential to reinforce community resilience and create development opportunities; and the production of knowledge useful in the formulation of an action plan to address community needs.

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Latino Youth
Educational Gap

The Latino Undergraduate Research Cluster (LURC) conducted five studies that explored educational gaps in Latino youth education in the Phoenix metropolitan area. One STS student project explored the geographical variations in the level of performance of high schools in the Phoenix metropolitan area by looking at how graduation rates and test scores compared across school attendance areas and how those outcomes correlate with social and ethnic composition of the population in each attendance area. Another project looked at which high schools in the Phoenix metropolitan area were most successful in the retention and persistence rates of Latino students. A project focused on parental involvement in the education of immigrant students in the Carl Hayden Community explored the role of institutional, social, and familial factors in Latino youth educational success. Additional projects focused on college transition programs for Latino students. 

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