Cross-Border Research Groups

Call for Proposals

The three most prestigious Higher Educations Institutions in Sonora announced in May a funding opportunity to facilitate the formation of cross-border research groups involving ASU faculty and researchers. The Universidad de Sonora (UNISON), El Colegio de Sonora (COLSON) and the Centro de Investigación en Alimentación y Desarrollo (CIAD) are inviting their faculty and researchers to submit proposals to develop joint projects with ASU leveraging on mutual interest, complementarities, and the benefits of international academic collaboration.


This opportunity is the direct result of the Arizona-Sonora Interuniversity Alliance established by UNISON, COLSON, CIAD and ASU to build collaborative avenues for the co-production of knowledge and unique educational experiences benefiting the Arizona-Sonora transborder region.


The full UNISON/COLSON/CIAD call for proposals (in Spanish) can be found at this link:


If you are interested in participating in binational research and need more information send an email to Please help us to spread the word about this unique opportunity.