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Individual Research Grants

Individual research seed grants are platforms to support and enhance existing faculty expertise and/or to examine the changing needs and growing cultural, political, environmental, and economic influence of Latinos/as and transborder communities in the US-Mexico borderlands. Ultimately, individual research grant recipients are expected to contribute to the development of a collective and sustainable research program on transborder studies by initiating projects that have good prospects of obtaining external funding.

Individual research seed grant recipients may receive up to $2,500 per project to cover research materials, travel, and/or supplies. 

During the course of the year of funding, individual research grant recipients are expected to submit a halfway progress report, a final report due 60 days after the funding period end date, make a public presentation in the PTC seminar, and acknowledge/credit PTC in publications and other activities produced with the support of the individual research seed grant.  

For more information on the general requirements please download the application.


This cycle is open to faculty at any of the ASU campuses who are eligible to submit grants to external funding agencies.


The deadline for the PTC 2018-2019 individual research application is Friday, June 8, 2018 at 5 p.m. MT


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