Meet your academic advisor

Patricia Corona

Academic Success Advising Coordinator

Office Location: Interdisciplinary Building B, B165A

Your current advisor is on leave until February 2022. Academic Advising is available in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in Armstrong Hall on the Tempe Campus; appointments are offered in-person, through Zoom or over the phone. To schedule an Advising Appointment, please call (480)965-6506 or email 

Is this your first year at ASU?

First-year students (not including new transfer students or online students) receive advising support in Armstrong Hall.

First-year advising

Career Services

The ASU Career and Professional Development Services office can help you plan your career whether you are looking for a job or thinking about graduate school:

  • Create a winning resume
  • Explore career alternatives
  • Find jobs in Handshake by creating your free ASU profile
  • Practice interview skills
  • Workshops and career-related events

Their office is located in the Student Services Building, room 329 (third Floor).


The School of Transborder Studies can only grant course overrides for TCL and TSS courses. To request a course override, please complete The College Course Override Form.