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Research Cluster Grants

The research clusters are mechanisms for triggering discussion that lead to exchange, cross-fertilization and collaboration across disciplines. Research clusters are platforms to support and enhance existing faculty expertise and/or facilitate the engagement of faculty to examine the changing needs and growing cultural, political, environmental, and economic influence of Latinos/as and transborder communities in the US-Mexico borderlands. Ultimately, the research clusters are expected to lead to a self-sustained research program by leveraging funding from external funding sources.

Research clusters may receive up to $7,500 per cluster to cover research materials, travel, and/or supplies. Additionally, $2,500 of support is also available to the ASU faculty member who serves as the PI and/or research lead for each cluster.  Each research cluster will also have available up to $3,000 to invite a non-Arizona ASU visiting fellow who will work with the research cluster throughout the academic year. Each research cluster is expected to work with PTC administrative staff in selecting and formally inviting this non-ASU faculty who will be part of the PTC Fellows program. PTC will cover a maximum of $2,000 to cover travel, accommodation costs, and per diem during the duration of the fellowship.

During the course of the year of funding, research clusters are expected to pursue an attainable work program, work closely with their cluster PTC fellow, and establish a presence as an active research team. The funds and support provided by PTC should result in at least one research proposal linked to a particular external funding source. In addition to the research proposal, grantees will be required to submit a half-way progress report, a final report due 60 days after the funding period end date, make a public presentation in the PTC seminar, and acknowledge/credit PTC’s support in publications and other activities produced by the research cluster.

For more information on the general requirements please download the application.


This cycle is open to ASU faculty who are eligible to submit grants to external funding agencies and doctoral students working with faculty in the social sciences and humanities at any of the ASU campuses. We encourage proposals involving at least one faculty of UNISON, COLSON, CIAD or COLEF.


The deadline for the PTC 2018-2019 research cluster applications is Friday, June 8, 2018 at 5 p.m. MT.


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