MSSA Day 1 (Sunday)

Photos from the first day of MSSA. Students arrived on campus, moved in to their dormitory rooms, learned about the program and created cases to store their electronic devices during activities. View slideshow here.

MSSA Day 2 (Monday)

Photos from the second day of MSSA. Students learned about aspects of leadership in migrant workers' rights leader Caesar Chavez, about the everyday applications of mathematics, the mosquito life cycle, created small circuit boards and visited the Sun Devil Fitness Center. View slideshow here.

MSSA Day 3 (Tuesday)

Photos from the third day of MSSA. Students learned about viral DNA sequences, different material usages in mechanical engineering, how ASU uses pheromones to study bees and toured the Biodesign Institute. View slideshow here.

MSSA Day 4 (Wednesday)

Photos from the fourth day of MSSA. Students created batteries out of pennies, learned about the pH scale, toured the School of Earth and Space Exploration, and participated in a game night. View slideshow here.

MSSA Day 5 (Thursday)

Photos from the fifth day of MSSA. Students went on field trips to the Desert Botanical Gardens, Adubon Society and Midwestern University's Veterinary School. View slideshow here.

MSSA Day 6 (Friday)

Photos from the final day of MSSA. Students participated in ASU Dreamscape's virtual reality learning experience, created and presented posters highlighting their activities they particularly enjoyed during the week and the closing ceremony where students received certificates of program completion. View slideshow here.